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"Why can't I improve my health when I've tried so hard?"

"Why can't I lose weight, and keep it off?"


Do you ask yourself questions like this? When we do, we are usually facing one of more of these common obstacles:

  • An unsustainable, depriving approach

"I'm no longer allowed to have..."​​

  • Insufficient tools to accomplish goals

"What happens when I am invited to a party?"

  • Lack of belief in self

"I want to change, but I just don't have the willpower."

Allow Plantsitioning to guide you on your journey, and put those obstacles behind you for good.

Let today be Day One. Discovery of your best self awaits.


For some, the reformatting of a diet lifestyle is purely theoretical. Full of street proverbs that begin with “they say that”, or “I heard you should…” For Ryan, change is no dream, but a matter of record. The transition from the standard American diet was the road where he was able to leave heart disease, cancer risk, chronic fatigue, and 40 excess pounds of weight behind. In 2021, he graduated from eCornell’s Plant-Based certification program, as part of a continuing quest for understanding that is part of his daily life. But his single greatest asset as an advisor for his clientele, remains his experience. He is able to guide others upon the road to health with empathy and understanding, because he’s walked it. His mission is to show as many people as possible, that the change is not as difficult as they might think, more rewarding than they had imagined, delicious to boot, and unlike fad dieting, exclusively sustainable.


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