Books by Nicole T. Smith, L.Ac.

Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?

  • Why would a 100-calorie ‘health’ bar cause you to gain more weight than a 300-calorie one?

  • What diet food and drinks cause more weight gain than regular?

  • What ingredient puts more fat in your abdomen, even if you are eating less calories?

  • Can thinking fat make you fat?

  • Is lettuce worse than avocado?


Only ONE book answers these questions:  Skinny Genes.


Lose 9lbs in 9 Days Program

Do you have stubborn fat loss?  Poor eating habits?


  • No starving

  • No running to the bathroom

  • No shooting of coworkers or spouse



Toxins are stored in our fat cells.  You can eat a better diet, exercise, increase your water, but if you do not detoxify these toxins out of your fat cells, you may have a hard time losing weight, or gain weight back.  


This manual is designed to take you through a very special cleansing and detoxification program.


This program is for not only those needing to lose weight, but for those that want to cleanse their bodies, get off of bad habits like coffee, soda, and sugar cravings, and learn how to actually enjoy eating better and crave healthy foods!  


Side effects may include: better sleep, increased libido, mental clarity, more energy, clearer and more youthful skin, improvements in hair.


Note: This book is a manual to be used with a specific program - please contact 860-450-6512 for more information on the products for this program.

                                 Have you ever wanted to visit Paris?

Explore the famous City of Lights in the comfort of your living room by reading

Paris Doesn't Fit in My Suitcase



Paris book.png

More than just a trip to France, immerse yourself in an affair with the City of Lights as told by its most enamored lover.   

Embark on an unforgettable journey, from the soaring summit of the Eiffel Tower, to the winding streets of Provence, the open spaces of wine country, and the majestic castles of the Loire.  

Nicole's passion and adoration for Paris are contagious.  

Follow her unpredictable adventures while also gaining wonderful insight into the history and culture behind one of the most coveted destinations in the world.  

If you have ever dreamt of following your heart, or even just simply taking a trip overseas, pour yourself a tall glass of Bordeaux and come along for the ride!