The Porcupine Wine Club!

Organic Wine Tastings

Offered in a beautiful outdoor setting in Scotland, CT

I have personally driven through France, visiting with the organic vineyards, to bring you the best wine possible!

Hard work, I know, but someone's gotta do it!

Soon other European countries' wines will be a part of the tastings, including Austria, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

During the tastings, feels as if you are traveling through Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Champagne, and the other wine areas of France. 

Enjoy photos of the Châteaux (vineyards) and learn of their history.

Details about the vinification (wine making) process​ will be discussed!

Wine Tastings Saturdays at 4:30

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Wine is the only major food product with no ingredient label. Most commercial wines contain: Pesticides, weed killer  Added sugar High levels of sulfites Refining agents...
Organic Wine Classes