“I lost 7lbs in just the first 4 days. 

I had come to Nicole with 4 years of depression, anxiety, no focus, always tired, and always felt weighed down.  I began acupuncture with Nicole and then started the cleanse, and the improvement is nothing short of amazing.  Everything she said that would improve has, in just the 2 weeks since I met her!  I lost weight, I am losing more, I am emotionally stable, I do not overreact, I just feel like myself again.”

Acupuncture addresses poor digestion, food cravings, anxiety, irritablility, and hormone imbalance, providing stimulation of the metabolism.


Anxiety and stress are powerful triggers for weight gain.  The physiological changes that occur from acute or chronic stress release chemicals that make it difficult to lose weight.  By using acupuncture to decrease stress in the body, hormones become balanced again and weight loss is acheived.

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acupuncture weight loss

Simple ear acupuncture can address issues related to weight trouble:


  • Stress

  • Insomnia

  • Menstrual problems

  • Smoking

  • Anxiety

  • Food cravings

Participants in a two-month study saw their body mass index (BMI) drop by up to 6 per cent and also had less body fat and a smaller waist, says a report published online in the journal "Acupuncture in Medicine."

- Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea

Patient testimonial:


"After one ear acupuncture treatment with Nicole, I felt the results immediately. I didn't desire to eat as much, had decreased cravings, and could turn away junk food and sweets so easily. Wow!"

Lose 9lbs in 9 Days Program

Many people struggle to lose weight, trying many things that have not worked, or have lost weight only to gain it back.


This innovative cleansing program is one I have been successfully using for nearly ten years with patients with excellent results, the average weight loss being 8-12lbs in the first 11 days.


It is not a diet, it is not starvation, it is not a flush where you will be running to the bathroom. Basically, you feed your body high quality nutrition that gets into your cells so your own body can work better. Toxins are stored in fat cells. When you get the toxins out, you lose the fat. This program also helps to balance your brain chemistry and hormones, which can be prohibiting you from weight loss if they are not being used correctly.



When the liver and kidneys cannot eliminate chemical impurities, they enter blood stream, where there is risk of damage to cells. To prevent the destruction of cells, the body responds by creating more fat to engulf the toxin. This is why most diet programs and even healthy eating don't result in permanent weight loss.  An effective cleanse is needed to remove the toxins so that the fat will naturally then go away. 


Each cleansing program can be tailored to fit your needs, lifestyle, and schedule.


Is your shampoo making you fat?


Find the answer to this question and more in Skinny Genes


“I LOVE the book Skinny Genes!  It is one of the most important books about weight loss and health that I have ever read.  And I can RELATE to it!  It keeps me interested… because I, too, want to wear skinny jeans…. however, it shows me the land mines we live amidst…. and the writing style leads me in an entertaining way through this dilemma.  She even makes labels interesting!!  Thank you, Miss Skinny Genes Nicole for being such an amazing example and for writing this powerful science in such an entertaining way..."

- Udana Power

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acupuncture weight loss skinny genes nutrition