Dreaming of a peaceful and healthy getaway?

Have it all if you decide to stay at the Wellness Retreat.  Acupuncture care, nutritious meals, relaxing setting, comfortable room.  Stay for a day, a weekend, week, or even a month!

Please call for information, pricing, and availability: 860-450-6512




Day Wellness Retreat - Come for the day only, for a full consultation, exam, and treatment, nutritional counseling and personalized program, and a healthy meal.


Overnight Wellness Retreat - Enjoy a Day Wellness Retreat and then spend the night.  Wake up to a hearty breakfast of homemade muffins, organic fruit, sprouted cereals, almond milk, and whatever surprises I decide to cook up!


Weekend Wellness Retreat - Arrive Friday and leave Sunday.  Spend the first day having your full consultation, exam, treatment, and nutritional counseling.  Receive a personalized meal plan.  A gourmet four-course dinner will be included Friday night.  Arise Saturday morning to a hearty breakfast.  You will have the afternoon to yourself to enjoy the local walking trails, farmer's markets (seasonal), and historical points of interest.  You can even choose to visit Boston if you wish.  For lunch I can recommend a great organic café nearby.  Arrive back in the late afternoon for your acupuncture treatment and an hour-long cooking class to learn how to be more creative and healthy in the kitchen.  Finish the day with a gourmet four-course meal prepared for you (wine included if you wish!), or you can help the cook in the kitchen!


Lose 9lbs in 9 Days Wellness Retreat - This retreat is for those looking to lose weight.  Whether you would like to lose 5lbs or 50lbs, you will learn the keys to losing weight for good - and keeping it off.  Receive with your program copies of Nicole's books: Face the Fats and Skinny Genes.  Nicole has been using this program with patients for over eight years with excellent success. 


You can choose to stay for any of the following lengths of time, depending on how much instruction you would like, and how much weight you would like to lose:

  • Day Wellness Retreat with a focus on weight loss

  • Overnight Wellness Retreat with a focus on weight loss

  • Weekend Wellness Retreat with a focus on weight loss

  • 12-Day Detox - spend the entire length of your detoxification cleanse at the Wellness Retreat.  All meals and snacks will be provided - you will not have to think or lift a finger!  Also, you will receive daily acupunture, and included will be two evaluations, in addition to your initial evaluation, and you will leave with a program to continue with weight loss, or to continue with maintenance if you have reached your goal weight.

  • 30-Day Detox - spend a full month at the Wellness Retreat.  The first 12 days will be followed according to the 12-Day Detox schedule, and following that your program for the remainder of the month will be customized just for you. 


*Program products for the detox retreats are charged separately, depending on the program chosen.


Please note: Married couples may choose any of the following Retreats above and come together.   Special romantic touches can be requested for an additional fee, such as a romantic dinner night, complete with a Parisian theme if desired, or champagne and flowers upon arrival (yes, you can have alcohol and still be healthy!).



Backed by:

  • 20+ years nutritional experience

  • 14+ years clinical experience

  • 8+ years specialization in detoxification and cleansing

  • Work with both your nutrition and any existing medical condition at the same time

  • Comfortable setting

  • Caring attention

  • Triple-filtered well water for all water needs

  • All food is organic

  • All food sensitivities considered (sorry, we are not a nut-free or gluten-free kitchen)

  • Speciality cocktails provided with healthy and natural ingredients (no mixes here!)

  • Easy access to major cities such as Boston and NYC

  • Languages spoken: English and French


Why choose this retreat?

Sitting Room and Treatment Room

Your Private Bedroom, with a view to the large rear yard