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The healing power of lemons

healing power of lemons and lemon water

Lemons are a wonderful citrus fruit, vibrant in color and benefits.

Most are aware that lemons are a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants, have cleansing properties, and help the immune system.

Many start the day with lemon water. Benefits of doing so include:

  • hydration, especially for those that may not like the taste of plain water

  • improvement of the skin

  • may help, along with other measures, prevent kidney stones

  • can give a boost of energy

tips for using fresh lemons

Note: drinking water with lemon does not promote more weight or fat loss that drinking plain water.

Are there any downsides to having daily lemon water?

Having excessive amounts of lemon water can lead to sour results, such as upset stomach, erosion of tooth enamel, and aggravation of heartburn. If you are new to drinking lemon water, start with a small amount and work up to a glass or two from there.

And while having a glass of lemon water daily is a great habit for most, it's important to keep in mind that lemon water doesn't provide a deep cleanse or make up for bad habits!

Be sure to thoroughly scrub the skin of the lemon with hot water before handling or squeezing.

Here are some other creative ways to use lemons:
  • Squeeze into plain or carbonated water to replace soda or cocktails - add herbs such as mint or some ginger for a kick

  • Drink a large glass of lemon water before meals to stimulate gastric juices, and this may also help to prevent overeating

  • Use to clean and deodorize containers and wood cutting surfaces

  • Save peels to make an all-purpose cleaner (steps to do so are easily found online)

  • Make a no-bottled oil salad dressing with freshly-squeezed lemon juice, raw tahini, ginger juice, and a dash of salt and pepper, if desired - this is a go-to dressing for me

Why no bottled oil? You may be surprised to learn that all bottled oil, no matter what kind, is harmful to health and its intake should be avoided. Please reach out for additional information.

While lemon comes to the aid in many ways, always remember that ALL fruits and vegetables provide an array of needed nutrients for our bodies, and a vast variety should be consumed daily. If you're not intolerant or allergic to a fruit or vegetable, you should be eating it!

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