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Born with severe scoliosis, it was necessary to have 5 back surgeries.  My first surgery was when I was 13 and my last one was when I was 22.  My spine is now completely fused and held together with two Harrington rods and six to eight screws.  Over the years, the pain got so back I was taking numerous medications.  I could not live a normal life.  I couldn’t get out of bed most days, and I had to quit school and my job.  My doctor wanted me to do another surgery, but he could not guarantee that I would feel any better.  I was lost, and then my mother brought up the idea of acupuncture, as an alternative to surgery. 


With acupuncture and nutritional changes, and my life has changed.  I barely ever take any medications anymore.  I no longer have trouble getting out of bed.  I have energy that lasts all day long, and I feel normal again.

- Sally


Update: Sally since has gotten married and is the proud mother of a baby boy!

As a runner, I had back and knee pain, and muscle cramps. In addition I had sinus troubles for more than two years.


After 4 visits, I could see an improvement in both my back and my knee.  I stopped taking ibuprofen.  Continuing with treatments we worked not only with my aches and pains, but also my sinuses.


Currently, I have no more pain in my knee, and no more muscle cramps.  My back has improved considerably.  But the most amazing thing to me is that with acupuncture and herbal medicine, I have seen a 98% improvement in my sinus troubles.  They haven’t been this good in 2 years.


- C. John Dehner, DDS.

I took my daughter to see Nicole for her constant and severe pain.  We had visited all the specialty doctors and had all the tests, myofascial treatments, with no results and no relief.  She dances competitively and we were at our last rope, scheduling a cortisone shot for her until I met and spoke with Nicole.  I cancelled the shot and instead took her to Nicole. 


My daughter was deathly afraid of needles but after just the first treatment she decided to give it a good try and after just a few weeks and while still competing, my daughter had no more pain!

What Nicole has done for my daughter is amazing to say the least.  But what is even more amazing is how much my daughter’s attitude has changed for the better.  She just turned 19 and we are finally best friends and she doesn’t argue with me any longer.


- Sue B.

I woke up and could not move my neck.  I had severe pain and spasms for one week before going to Nicole.

I had never been to an acupuncturist before, but my results were tremendous.  The pain went away and my full range of motion returned, just after 6 visits.  I feel 100% better.


- Jason G.



I’ve struggled with knee pain and shin splints for several years from running and teaching fitness classes. After a few acupuncture sessions with Nicole Smith, I was able to run the 2010 Surf City Half Marathon pain-free. She made my training easier; I recovered in no time; and I had no lingering injuries as with previous races.


I’m forever grateful.


- Martha Franks


No More Migraines


I had never sought out alternative medicine before, but when my doctor’s only solution for my debilitating migraines was to have me take more and more prescription medication, I knew it was time to try something else. 


Nicole was professional, sympathetic to my situation, and accommodating.  All of these attributes seem to be a lost art in the health care system, so I was delightfully surprised.  She carefully planed my treatment not just for an immediate resolution, but rather, a long-term change in lifestyle that would lead to success.  Nicole’s detox program was a wonderful addition to my treatment. 


Thank you Nicole for everything you have done for me.  You have made me a believer!       


- Kristin T.


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Treating on Vacation! - 2 Treatments to rid pain


When you truly love what you do, it never feels like work.  While vacationing in Belize, one of the highlights of my trip was being able to help two people, Bob who had hurt his arm so badly he couldn't dive, and Ally who had fallen and couldn't walk.  Here are their stories below:



My husband and I were on vacation in Belize when we spoke to an amazing person about the shoulder and arm pain my husband was experiencing.  He was deeply concerned that he would be unable to dive, which was our primary reason for going to Belize.  It turns out we were talking to Nicole Smith of The Pampered Porcupine Acupuncture.  She treated my husband right there on the beach while he relaxed.  He was a non-believer in acupuncture and was skeptical to say the least.  But after only one treatment he was able to move his arm with little to no pain.  Nicole treated him a second time later in the evening as well.  He not only was relieved of almost all pain but was able to make five dives and two snorkel trips as well.  Nicole is an Angel and my husband and I are so grateful to have met Nicole.   


We wish we lived closer to you Nicole.  Thanks again for your kindness and the amazing gift you gave Bob.


Bob and Kay Herring

Frisco, Tx


Ally had taken a fall the night before, and was leaving to fly home that morning when I met her.  After one treatment she experienced considerably less pain and was able to walk.  I advised her to follow up with an acupuncturist in her area.

When I met Nicole I had low back pain.  I had been laid up in bed for 3 days.  I had seen an orthopedic surgeon earlier and his only “treatment” was to prescribe Vicodin.

After having just one treatment with Nicole amazingly enough I was able to sleep through the entire night and get out of bed the next morning without any hesitation.  After 3 sessions, I am moving easier, sleeping at night, no feeling of stress and tension, and the electrical pain that was pulsing through my body since the incident was gone.


Everyone can benefit from her services.


- Katie C.



No more high cholesterol - free from medications:


I first came to Nicole because I was in a lot of pain and my hand was in a cast after having my 10th surgery for rheumatoid arthritis.  I was also very hot, all the time, likely do to hormones, my disease, and the medications.  After one treatment I felt immediate relief, and the more I went, the better it got.  I also have familial, or hereditary high cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels, and after ten years on a statin drug, I am off all medications.  I can also wear things like sweater dresses and tights without shooting flames from my body, which is really amazing.   I can’t say enough about Nicole.  She has changed my life in so many ways.  I am able to do all the things I used to do, and she is the best.


- Pam M.

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